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Pre-Admission Placement in the Post COVID-19 Era

Lawyers practicing in boutique firms have long benefitted from the dynamic workspace afforded when adapting to change in the profession isn’t slowed by pyramidal structure of larger traditional firms. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular, has reinforced the ability of these firms to implement changes with minimal delay, ensuring continuity of business and a more seamless client experience.

Whilst larger traditional firms have once again been reminded of the weaknesses in their business model, it is believed that many will return to their pre-COVID-19 status quo. The onus is on the boutique firm to take advantage of this concession and continue to onboard and implement technologies which will increase the competitiveness of their offerings relative to the traditional firm.

As law graduate undertaking placement prior to admission, Sun and Co Lawyers have not only provided invaluable hands-on experience aligned with the purpose of placement, but through their response to COVID-9, raised my awareness to the dynamism and forward-looking approach that modern boutique firms should aspire to emulate.

by Anna Maria Plantos & Benjamin Harllow

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