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Founding Partner, Legal Practitioner Director

With an emphasis on property, finance, family, criminal and litigation, Mr William Sun acts for individuals and corporations on a wide range of issues.

Mr Sun joined the TC Beirne School of Law in February 2007 and completed Bachelor of Laws in 2012. Now a managing director, he previously had worked as a lawyer in various firms with experiences in drafting submissions for legal reforms and with presentation with progressive and complex legal issues and reforms at the symposium at the Queensland Law Society.

Mr Sun holds degrees from the University of Queensland in Australia in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce with major in finance and post graduate diploma in legal practice from Queensland University of Technology.

Mr William Sun regularly represents clients in various state and federal jurisdiction.

Key Areas of Practice

  • Civil litigation & appeals

  • Criminal law

  • Family law

  • Employment law

  • Domestic Violence & Youth Justice

  • Property law

Research interests

Comparative Law, Competition Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Commercial arbitration and moral philosophy with emphasis on the law in the jurisdiction of the State of New York and in the jurisdiction of England, United Kingdom. 


Supporting and coaching partner for the Youth Leadership program at the Australian Institute of Management and Leadership supporting the Southwest University of Political Science and Law (2019) 

Accredited partner for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ( - 2019)

Career Mentor Scheme - Queensland University of Technology (2015) 


LLB, B Commerce (Finance), GradDipLP, FSRAII

Admitted to Practice

Supreme Court of Queensland (2012)

High Court of Australia (2013)


Queensland Law Society

Accreditation body

Legal Practitioners Admissions Board

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